Paris-based architecture and design firm AW² has crafted Michelin-starred chef Akrame Benallal’s latest culinary concept in Doha. Shirvan Métisse Doha recalls a journey on the Silk Road through the culinary traditions of a range of countries with an array of textures, materials, and color.

“Shirvan is an insightful study of experiential space design in which the architecture and the interiors aim to enhance the sensorial experience already provided by chef Akrame’s phenomenal cuisine,” say AW² partners and associate architects Reda Amalou and Stéphanie Ledoux. “It creates a place for people to absorb Qatar’s culture, intertwining tradition with contemporary design.”

Reminiscent of a traditional mashrabiyya, a brass lattice screen welcomes diners along with dimmed and indirect lighting that permeates intimacy. Intricate latticework continues to punctuate interiors as it guides guests toward the main dining room, as well as the mezzanine lounge and bar.

The octagonal double-height dining room is anchored by olive trees and jars of colorful spices showcased upon a central marble table. Bespoke furniture is installed atop black granite floors, which contrasts gray marble and brass inserts found across the tables. Plus, a brass Yemeni pattern wraps the ceiling inviting a unique interplay of light and shadow. Beyond arched floor-to-ceiling windows lies an alfresco space shaded by wooden pergolas and more olive trees.