The villa is located in the south of Corsica, on a site bordered by the ‘Maquis’, a dry vegetation typical of the area. The house is designed as a series of intertwining volumes that sprawl and open views onto the surrounding landscape. The villa is staged on five different levels, hugging the topography as if not to disturb the existing environment. The stone facades, clad in local limestone, emerge from the grounds. They are carved out to open large windows that frame views and extend the inside outwards, to the terrace decks and gardens.

The subtlety of the intertwining spaces is fostered by juxtaposing simple volumes of different heights that intersect and come together to create gardens, patios, and courtyards that embed the house in nature. Inside, the villa is designed as a sober fair-faced concrete shell with sheet steel ceilings. The contrast with the Mediterranean landscape and warm white limestone colour is stark. It plays with the bright sunlight that casts its shadows through the ‘canisse’ sunscreen pergolas, on the bare walls of the house. The long outdoor swimming pool is highlighted by a coloured wall at one end and complementary structures facing each other: on one side, a rhythmic line of pergolas providing shade, and on the other, a comfortable open-air living space. The client’s collection of mid-century furniture fits in perfectly in this balanced inside-out architecture. Each piece is carefully curated to find its place.

Private villa

400 m²

Photography credit: Mikaël Benard

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