AW2 has completed work on a new restaurant in Doha, Qatar’s capital, for Michelin-star Chef Akrame. Shirvan Métisse Doha restaurant was fully designed by Paris-based architecture and interior design studio, AW2, led by partner architects Reda Amalou and Stéphanie Ledoux.

This is the first of two Michelin-starred restaurants AW² will complete in 2021, demonstrating a growing reputation for the architecture studio in the high-end Food & Beverage sector internationally.

Shirvan Métisse Doha is located in the prominent Pearl Marina, amidst high-end shops and restaurants aimed at local Qataris and tourists. 600sqm, 140-person capacity restaurant sits across two floors and includes a lounge area and bar, a large dining hall and expansive terraced areas for diners to enjoy views across the marina and the Doha skyline.

Shirvan Métisse Doha has been designed to simulate a journey on the Silk Route, through the culinary traditions of the various countries that are encountered. AW2 used textures, colours, materials and lighting to create a series of different atmospheres to give guests the sense of moving through various environments as they experience the different spaces in the restaurant.

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