A peninsula within the island, a green outcrop in the blue Caribbean sea, a bastion marking the southern limit of the bay of Fort de France, the Pointe du Bout is a site with many facets.

Formerly built, then abandoned and returned to a wild state, the site bears the scars of its history. The abandoned fort, the old excavations of the Meridian, the traces of the trees planted by man are now gradually disappearing to make way for vegetation which is still hesitant but which is valiantly taking over. This wild and rich environment is a clear expression of the island, with its fertile soil and inexorably prolific nature.

The history of Martinique is the quest for a balance between man and nature. To inhabit the island is to understand this and to slip into this ethos with the same ease as a branch finds its way through the forest to access light and survive.

Through this project, we want to give the site back to the island in order to express what is richest and most beautiful about Martinique, so that it becomes the essence of what has made the island a welcoming and prolific land. We want to offer visitors a testament, a manifestation of the island through a project that finds its balance with present and future nature.

The concept begins with a branch that runs from south to north, from the inhabited area to the fort. This branch is a walkway, a footbridge suspended in the trees that offers visitors a new perspective, between ground and sky, to discover the site.

This branch bears fruit that becomes inhabited places, but always immersed and mixed with nature. The height, limited to three levels, allows them to blend in with the trees.

The coastline, embankments and walls mark the juncture of land and sea. These lines unfold and multiply the contacts with the beaches, the bay and the Caribbean Sea.

Finally, the built imprint appears; the moment when man inhabits the place by marking it with terraces and belvederes, describing a rectilinear axis connecting the marina and the open sea.

The organic forms resonate with the nature that surrounds and welcomes it; the geometric lines and shapes reinforce the presence of the branch by contrast.

The balance is found: inhabiting nature without destroying it.

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