This project is a private residence featuring high-end hospitality services located near Phan Thiết in Mui Ne, Vietnam. It displays typical aspects of our architectural language such as the use of a mineral base anchored in the sloping terrain, which creates a platform for the composition of simple volumes. The main component of the villa is a pure, modern, white volume, with a locally inspired roof typology. Outside, the complex formed by the terrace, the swimming pool facing the sea, and its openwork canopy projects the visitor into the seascape.

Inside, the space is shaped to frame scenic views of the sea and landscape. The interior atmosphere draws its serenity from combining a white floor, walls, and ceiling with locally influenced dark red panelling, textiles, lacquering and woodwork echoing the pool canopy outside. Indoors and outdoors respond to each other in a continuity of space. An interesting contrast is achieved by the rear walls of the stone base that form a narrow, open-air courtyard: the courtyard blocks the view of the sea at the back of the villa, whereas as soon as one steps out the front door, the guest is immersed in the seascape.

Alila Villas
Hotel villa prototype

450 m²

Mui Ne, Vietnam

Photography credit: Bui The Trung

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