The Ahn Luh Nanjing project is an exercise in ‘fusion’ architecture. The influences are threefold: from China, a form of gravitas, solemnity, a staging of the spaces, and above all, an evolving relationship to nature in the framing of views. We find the notions of contemplation, serenity and an eastern conception of the world in which empty space is carved into the architectural forms. From France and from our experience working around the world, we bring our interpretation of refinement, a certain art de vivre; an interaction of tradition and modernity. Inspired by local artisan savoir-faire and materials – stone, brick, wood and fabrics – Ahn Luh Nanjing proposes a scenographic journey combining a unique hospitality experience and immersion in nature. The bespoke furniture designed by AW² accentuates the sense of place nurtured by a global culture.

Nanjing, China
5 star hotel & residences (interiors) / AHN LUH
20 000m²

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