The Origone project is continuing to work with the Perimmo group on a housing scheme that takes into account the changing needs of its inhabitants. The arrival of a new child, separation, sharing a flat, the creation of a reconstituted family, teleworking, loss of autonomy are all new aspects of contemporary life that need to be integrated into the architectural design and its economic approach. The project attempts to imagine these evolutions starting from a basic living module and a constant footprint, by proposing various scenarios for extensions to the house that can be staggered over time and thus be more easily financed. Beyond the simple construction game that this constitutes, Origone lays the foundations for a more concerted way of life, but also one that is freer, more respectful of resources and more adapted to our world. The eco-design of the modules, the virtuous management of the building site and the control of energy consumption are also part of this approach.

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